Nittany Valley Organics’ husband and wife team of Tony and Dee Musso took it upon themselves to create chemical-free solutions for everyday health needs. They have been sharing their organic product lines for the past eight years.

Dee gave her husband essential oils to get rid of the itchy skin and, simply, it worked. No chemical-infused, fancy lotions or medications were needed. With this discovery, Dee started making organic healing lotions for friends and family, including organic essential oil lotions. This newfound joy for using organic remedies sparked a passion for research and development. This business created a new way for Dee and Tony to spend more time together. While Dee manages the production, Tony manages the purchasing and sales. Together they started with an organic line of 20 products and now carry hundreds of products.

Too many of the daily products used on our skin, hair, and face are filled with chemicals we would never touch if we were aware of the dangers of the ingredients in the products on most store shelves. Four years ago, Tony and Dee’s daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which may have been caused by a number of products, from baby powder to hair care products containing harsh chemicals. That is when Dee really began to research the chemicals used in many shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions, deodorants, and more. Many of the chemicals that emit pleasant odors or shield perspiration contain cancer-causing chemicals such as aluminum, talc, and cornstarch. With their daughter’s illness, the Musso made a commitment to no longer use products made with harmful chemicals.

All of Nittany Valley Organics’ products are 100% chemical free, paraben free, and GMO-free. The ingredients are clearly listed and easily recognizable on each of the products. Customers will find organic healing lotions, organic essential oils lotions, organic chemical free shampoo and conditioners and more at affordable and competitive costs.

Nittany Valley Organics products also are perfect for a healthy and unique gift. They even have an entire line of Manly Men Candles dedicated to the favorite scents of men, including bacon, beer, and leather jackets. These, along with some of Nittany Valley’s best-selling items such as their organic healing lotions, organic essential oil lotions, and organic chemical-free shampoo and conditioner are guaranteed to make you feel and smell better.

This family-owned and operated a small business can be found selling their organic products at local farmers markets. May through October on find them at the North Atherton Farmers Market in the Home Depot parking lot on Saturdays from 10AM-2PM. They also have made their way onto the shelves at six local stores. Shop Nittany Valley Organics for the organic way to better skin care.

NVO is owned and operated by Dee & Tony Musso in State College, PA. Nittany Valley Organics is a division of Ynotmarketing, Inc.