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Happy Valley

Our business and home are located in the picturesque region in Pennsylvania often referred to as Nittany Valley home of the Nittany Lions of Penn State. Nittany Valley is in the central portion of Centre County, Pennsylvania, which is truly right in the center of the state. State College and Penn State’s main campus are at the southern end of this beautiful valley, also known as Happy Valley. Nittany Valley is in the western part of the Ridge and Valley province of the Appalachian Mountains. Perhaps you can see the connection to our company name and quite a few of our products. We are happy to live and work in an area with so much natural beauty; and providing healthy, organic, soaps, skin care products, and cleaning products makes us happy as well, and we hope that it makes you happy too!

The idea of this company was born out of my own need to find products that didn’t have ingredients with names that I couldn’t pronounce. I had always taken care of myself by eating right, taking vitamin/mineral supplements and exercising but somehow my body was still breaking down. I searched for the reasons why this was happening and read about the many chemicals that are in the everyday products that we use. I tried to find products that didn’t have any parabens in them, it was almost impossible. The more I look at ingredients, the more I found strange names that had me running to the computer to look up what they were and what they could do to my body. I didn’t want products containing petroleum by-products, do you know how many things are made from petroleum based products that we use on our bodies? (Ok, your turn to run to the computer.) As one thing often leads to another I made the connection to organic. I realized the chemicals in the ground end up in the vegetables and fruits that are grown in that ground and the sprays that keep the bugs from eating the harvest also end up in the end product. Skin care products and real soap are made from vegetable (plant based) oils (at least they should be) thus for me, to avoid the chance of chemicals in food and personal care products, the transition to organic was made.

Our company promises to offer you the finest organics we can find and make. In the future we hope to add many more products including more facial care products and a homeopathic line of aromatherapy based products. I hope you enjoy our site. Let us know your thoughts and if there is something you would like to see offered on our site.

Here’s to good health!

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