Manly Man Candles in Tins

Manly Man Candles in Tins

Manly Man Candles in Tins


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Man Candles
Distinctive Fragrances for Men

Here you will find some of the most unique man candles in the world. No matter how strange it may be, every man has a favorite smell. So take a look around and chances are, we have what you’re looking for from bacon candles to that new car smell that you love - ALL of which are hand made right here in the USA! Don’t see what you want? Send us a suggestion!

So, look no further to find the perfect gift for dad, brother, hubby, buddy or any man in your life!

Ingredients: soy wax, cotton wick and fragrance oil.


The undeniably mouth-watering aroma of bacon sizzling in the frying pan at hunting camp.


The sweet and smokey smell of real honest-to-goodness southern BBQ.
A perfect rendition!


Ahhhhhhh, the sweet smell ofa freshly tapped keg of beer! Kinda takes ya back to those college days at those house or fraternity parties. It also reminds you of bellying up to your favorite bar. Warning: This candle will not make anyone look more attractive. Objects will appear exactly as they are. A 2 at 10 will remain a 2 at 2. Beer gogles not included.




Enjoy this fireside scent in your own living room without ever having to go camping! You'll be amazed how real it smells.


The wonderful aroma of a freshly rolled joint. Uhhh thats medicinal to you.

Cognac & Cubans

The earthly, manly aroma of a good cuban cigar with the touch of an aged smooth cognac.

Cuppa Joe

There is nothing like that first sip of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, except our fresh brewed coffee candle. Now you can keep that smell all day, so get back to work! Does not eliminate coffee breaks at work.

Dock of the Bay

No this is not a rotten fish smell but it has the exact smell of fresh lake water and freshly caught fish. Bring back memories of summer on the lake or your last fishing trip. Light this one up and let the whoppers fly.


The grossest smell you can imagine!. Its a combination of old, smelly cheese and cow manure. Gross! But its a great gift!

Fresh Cut Grass

You can’t get a scent this perfect even if you grabbed your lawnmower and started mowing. The perfect aroma of a freshly mowed front lawn.

Leather Jacket

Genuine leather smell. Fonzie's jacket, Indiana Jones whip, your saddle, the seats in your '68 GTO, your first baseball glove… so many strange and wonderful things smell like leather, why not a candle?

New Car

That aroma that only comes with a brand new car - til now. The just detailed, brand new with floor mats, leather interior, console plastic and glue -- fresh from the plant smell.

Grandpa's Pipe

Sweet, woody, masculine and rich --brings back memories of when you were young and grandpa lit up the pipe.


Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly cut wood from a mill or your own garage wood shop. Now you can fool your wife - you don’t have to do any work to get that scent.