Mint Tea Organic Deodorant, 2.3 oz.

Mint Tea Organic Deodorant, 2.3 oz.

Mint Tea Organic Deodorant, 2.3 oz.


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Organic Deodorant

MINT TEA Organic Deodorant

A fresh blast of organic minty madness will greet your nose with reassurance that you can smell fresh all day long the natural way – thanks to organic peppermint and bacteria-fighting organic tea tree oil. It works to keep you fresh and cool even during the longest days. This aluminum-free deodarant is very effective as the arrowroot powder helps absorb the sweat, the powerful essential oils deodorize and have antibacterial properties that are antiseptic and cool your skin.

Directions:Directions: Remove cap by gently wiggling. Twist the wheel to expose about 1/8” at a time. Apply with a gentle to and fro motion. One to four strokes should do it. Allow to dry for about one minute. Take care putting on clothes as the deodorant can sometimes leave a mark on clothing that shows on the outside. Replace the cap for next time.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, natural beeswax, organicarrowroot powder, diatomaceous earth, Vitamin E, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil and peppermint essential oil.

This product is hand-crafted to ensure that every jar only contains the finest organic products. NO Aluminum, NO Parabens, NO Toxic Chemicals, NO Corn, NO Gluten, NO GMOs and absolutely NO Bad Stuff!

What’s Wrong with off the shelf Anti-Perspirant?
The biggest problem with anti-perspirant are the toxic ingredients. Ingredients that haven’t been fully tested on humans, synthetic fragrances, parabens (that mimic estrogen), etc. etc. etc. Secondly, ‘Anti-perspirant’ translates to ‘stop-sweating’. The ingredients within it actually clog your pores to stop you from sweating. Doesn’t that freak you out? It STOPS you from sweating. Why should we stop our sweat? It’s our body’s natural reaction to heat, exercise, stress, etc. It allows our body to regulate it’s internal temperature. But no, we’ve been marketed to that sweat = gross, and gross = no friends, no job, no love life.

Is Our Deodorant Different?
We finally came up with a recipe for a deodorant that we felt good about making.Our organic deodorants help mask the sweat smell, and it doesn’t block your pores to prevent you from sweating. Our deodorants are made with 6 simple ingredients: organic coconut oil, pure natural beeswax, organic shea butter, arrowroot powder, diatomaceous earth and vitamin E. For the scented varieties, we also add pure essential oils. The coconut oil and shea butter provide a smooth, creamy base to hold the powders. The arrowroot and diatomaceous earth act to 1) absorb some moisture from the sweat and 2) mask the odor more naturally.

How Can I Switch?
For most people, there is a transition period when switching to a natural deodorant. Luckily, it passes fairly quickly for most. There’s usually a window of about a few days to about two weeks where some very unpleasant odours might waft from your body. Don’t worry, that’s not actually your own natural body odor, it’s the gross antiperspirant ingredients exiting your body that have been clogged up inside you for a long while.
Once you get the nastiness out of your body, a state of b.o. balance will return and you should go back to experiencing normal sweating and normal/minimal body odor.

To help with the transition period, we recommend the following:
Make a complete switch! No going back and forth between deodorant and antiperspirant. Try a mid-day armpit wash. If at home, this is easy. If at work or school, bring a soapy washcloth in a ziploc bag or container, and discreetly do a freshening up of the pits. Re-apply deodorant after this. Repeat as needed.
Voila! After two weeks, you should be able to make it through the whole day without re-applying or a pit wash.