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Organic Sea Salt Hair Spray

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    Organic Sea Salt Hair Spray

    An organic sea salt hair spray is one of the simplest things you can do for a classic, stylish look that isn’t overproduced or chemical-laced. It’s easy to employ fresh out of the shower or after a whole day of wear and tear. Everyone loves the effortless waves and windswept look that comes after a day at the beach. With this organic sea salt hair spray you get that same look without driving to the shore and spending hours under the sun and breeze.

    It’s best if you apply it to damp hair, but you can also apply it dry hair because the mist will add moisture. However, if you do apply it dry hair, you will need to take into account that you will have to use a bit more of the spray than you use on damp hair. Spray it into your hair, at the roots if you’re going just for volume or all over if you want the waves. Scrunch your hair up with your fingers and let it set. If you have very straight or limp hair, then mist it onto your damp hair and either braid or wrap your hair up in one or more buns on the top of your head. Wait until your hair has dried and then let down the curls, spraying a little more mist to set it. The salt acts as its own light hairspray and can hold your natural waves for the whole day.
    You can also use the moisture sucking properties of this salt spray to keep your hair from looking greasy! Just spritz a little at the roots on a greasy day or on shiny places and let the salt soak up the extra moisture. A salt spray can keep your hair looking good and provide you with an extra day off from shampooing.

    Directions:: Spritz over dry hair and muss gently with your fingers for a sexy, tousled look. To achieve loose waves in straight hair or enhanced definition in wavy hair, mist liberally onto damp hair and scrunch. Continue to reapply until desired texture is achieved. Adds instant texture, creating a tousled beachy look.

    Ingredients: Distilled water, organic alcohol, atlantic sea salt and vegetable glycerin. Can be enhanced with essential oils.