With Organic skin care products you know what you are getting


Beauty companies are given a lot of leeway today to pick and choose whatever sort of compounds they want to put into their skincare products. For responsible companies that’s not an issue and they come up with some really great products thanks to that freedom, but for irresponsible companies, this freedom makes it easy to create unhealthy and even potentially dangerous skincare products. That’s why it’s important to consider buying chemical-free skin care products, and the best way to do that is to buy organic products. Read on to learn the benefits of shopping for organic skincare products and avoiding the standard items that include unfamiliar chemicals.

You know what you’re getting

It can be a bit concerning choosing lotions, perfumes and skincare products today because the FDA doesn’t regulate these products very closely. The organization makes it easy for companies to throw nearly any chemical they want into a product’s mixture without worrying about testing it or even listing all the products under ingredients. One huge benefit of buying an organic facial cleanser and toner or lotion is that you’ll know exactly what the different ingredients are that go into the product. There are no mystery chemicals to worry about that could be causing harm to your skin or causing an unpleasant reaction.

Less irritation and allergic reactions

Everyone reacts a bit differently to chemicals and compounds. It’s true that someone could be allergic to organic essential oil lotion, but if that happens, the culprit in the product causing the problem will likely be pretty obvious. That’s not often the case with lotions and other skin care products that have chemicals. That’s because beauty companies are allowed to put whatever they want into what is known as the “fragrance” of the product. The company doesn’t have to list anything that goes into making the “fragrance” and it doesn’t even have to contribute toward the smell of the product to be included in that cluster of chemicals and compounds.
Since many companies are hiding behind this “fragrance” privacy protection to hide chemicals, it’s possible you are introducing compounds you’re allergic to and you won’t know what the problem is. With an organic product, you can easily avoid known allergens and you can pinpoint problems to help you make better product choices in the future as well. This is another reason to consider organic healing lotions and organic facial cleanser and toner products.                        

Healthier for your skin

Skin is incredibly sensitive and it absorbs many of the chemicals that are put onto its surface. Knowing that, you probably don’t want to put any unhealthy or potentially dangerous chemicals onto the surface of your skin. Not only could it cause some irritation, but it could also leech into your blood stream and lead to health issues. An organic essential oil lotion is based off of natural products that are known to be safe for the skin and aren’t unhealthy. Many of these compounds also have known health benefits.
By using a product that’s free from questionable chemicals, you’re not only avoiding potential health concerns, but you may even be adding some health benefits to your skin and your body in the process. That’s a pretty good argument for organic healing lotions and other organic-based products sold today.

There’s a lot to be said for organic beauty products, especially when they’re going to be used on your skin. Take care to avoid products with mysterious chemicals and you’ll enjoy healthier skin and greater control over what you’re putting into your body. 

Nittany Valley Organics creates products that are free of toxins and harmful chemicals, because what goes ON your body, goes IN your body.

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