2 Types: with Organic Alcohol OR with Organic Magnesium OIl

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The best way to stay fresh all day is to eliminate odor at its source. Organic Spray Deodorant with Alcohol OR Organic Spray Deodorant with Magnesium Oil stop odor-causing bacteria at its source. Blended with essential oils, these effective deodorant sprays are the perfect way to stay fresh and clean, organically.  Since I know deodorant / antiperspirant is one of the things people usually want to swap out first – it’s important to note that, these are natural deodorants… meaning, they deodorize… which won’t block or clog your sweat glands - they are Aluminum FREE - and stop you from sweating like antiperspirants will. They’ll actually allow your body to detox…  the way it nature intended it to - by sweating

Organic Spray Deodorant w/Magnesium Oil

A unique fragrance with an aluminum-free creation using magnesium that eliminates unwanted body odors. The organic spray is a combination of lavender, tea tree and rosemary essential oils that are loaded with anti-bacterial properties, to leave you  stink-free, and smelling fresh and clean all day long. • SK-70  • 4 oz. $12

Ingredients: Organic magnesium oil, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil.


Organic Spray Deodorant w/Organic 190 Proof Alcohol 

Eliminates odors and allows your body to sweat stink-free, as it should. Works for men and women on any occasion: sports, work or leisure.  Provides protection for clothes and  offers secondary protection against bad odor and stains for clothes. This deodorant doesn’t stick to your clothes or leave deodorant buildup, there is less need for washing unpleasant smelly clothes. 

Organic alcohol is very effective at killing  bacteria so this organic deodorant is able to eliminate body odor by effectively combating odor-forming bacteria.  White vinegar is well known for it's ability to kill bacteria, mold and germs. It is very effective, and long lasting when used as a deodorant.  The vinegar aroma disappears shortly after it dries and is not a concern. as the spray dries quickly.  The  essential oils in this formulation provide many benefits including being anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-aging. It is very refreshing, removes harmful toxins and helps tone your skin.  NVO strives to create products that are free of toxins and harmful chemicals, 
because what goes ON your body, goes IN your body.

SK-71  • 4 oz. $20

Directions:  Shake well before use. We recommend 2-3 ppp. (Thats Pumps Per Pit) This spray will dry quickly, won't leave goop or crumbs on your underarms, and will not stain clothing. This spray deodorant is not anti-perspirant so it will not stop you from sweating; however, it is made with essential oils that mask unpleasant body odors so you will not stink.   

Ingredients: 190 Proof organic alcohol, organic white vinegar, organic tea tree essential oil, clove essential oil, lavender essential oil, organic lime essential oil,  geranium essential oil,  pink grapefruit essential oil, organic lemon essential oil and leucidal.

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