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Shampoo Bar

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    Organic Shampoo Bar

    An all organic conditioning shampoo in a solid bar form specially formulated with organic oils, organic butters and
    organic essential oils that nourish your hair and scalp with out stripping away natural protective oils.

    1. Long-lasting: Our shampoo bars are highly concentrated and last longer than liquid shampoo.
    2. Versatile: Shampoo bars can be used on all hair types, including colored, permed, and natural hair.
    3. Benefits: Offer a variety of benefits, such as helping to prevent dandruff, promoting hair growth, and soothing a dry and itchy scalp.
    4. Easy to Travel with: Shampoo bars are solid and do not spill or leak, making them a convenient option for travel. They are also TSA-friendly and do not count towards your liquid limit, saving you space in your luggage.
    5. Gentle on Hair: Made with organic ingredients and do not contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. Great for those with sensitive scalps or for those who are looking for a gentler alternative to traditional, harsh shampoos.

    Ingredients: Saponified organic castor oil, organic cocoa butter, organic hemp oil, organic olive oil, organic safflower oil, organic shea butter, organic marshmallow root, horsetail extract, organic rosemary essential oil, organic tea tree essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic nettle leaf extract , vitamin B5 and rosemary anti-oxidant.

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