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Unscented Organic Body Wash

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    Unscented Bath & Shower Gel:

    Organic Bath & Shower Gel

    Unscented Organic Body Wash

    8 oz.

    This truly unique, body wash, made from skin-softening organic olive oil, organic coconutoil, organic aloe vera and organic jojoba oil are added to a unique cmbination of organic botanical extracts, we create a truly gentle body wash. Ultra-mild for sensitive individuals, contains no fragrance oils and is Chemical-FREE. A friend to dry skin.

    Our organic body wash works best with a loofah, brush or bath mitt for a gentle, exfoliating body scrub. Your skin will feel clean, refreshed and intensely moisturized!

    Nittany Valley Organic's body wash is made by mixing our organic castilel iquid soap with a unique extract of vegetable gums in glycerin, which adds extra emollients and silkiness. This creates a product that is good for all but the driest skin with a very silky, smooth consistency like honey.  

    Ingredients: Saponified organic coconut oil, organic ollive oil, organic jojoba oil, vegetable gum, organic vegetable glycerin, organic aloe vera and organic rosemary extract.