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Fragrance Free Organic Shave Foam

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    Fragrance Free Organic Shaving Foam
    SK-38 • 7.0 oz 
    A foamy formula specially developed for those who have easily irritated, sensitive skin. It provides a smooth, close, comfortable shave by creating a protective barrier made with organic oils between the razor and your skin. This Fragrance Free shaving foam is uniquely formulated to be non-irritating and to fight razor bumps on even the most sensitive skin. Contains no alcohol, dyes or perfumes that can irritate extra sensitive skin and it won't block pores. A special blend of organic moisturizing lubricants helps prevent nicks, cuts, and razor burn. Rinses clean to leave your skin feeling soft, moisturized and soft. Ideal for both men and women, for faces, legs and other shaved areas. 

     For Faces: Rinse your face with water. Apply a thin amount of this shaving foam to your face to create a base layer of shaving foam, then apply a thicker layer on top of the base layer of foam. Apply it in small amounts; you don't want it falling all over your sink. Used consistently, you & your significant other will notice improved softness and moisturization after just a few uses. 

     For Legs: Use a clean, sharp razor. Wet your legs. Generously apply shaving foam in sections and shave against the direction of hair growth. Rinse your razor and your legs. Used frequently you will notice improved softeness and moisturization. Shake well before use 

    Ingredients: Saponified organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic vegetable glycerin, organic aloe vera and organic rosemary extract.